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All the bright places
The main characters Violet and Finch met on top of a building, but they were both on top of the building for different reasons. Violet went through a horrible situation in which her sister had passed away. She didn't attend school for a long time because she didn't feel like herself. She doesn't like her old friends or the hobbies she had. She denied that she wasn't on the edge of the building for the reason everyone thinks she was. But Finch doesn't believe her. Finch is different when it comes to having suicidal thoughts. He has them, but doesn't take it seriously a lot of the time. The though 'I could end my life whenever I want' always crosses his mind but always manages to find a reason to live everyday. When he met Violet, she never left his mind. He just wanted to learn more about her and tried everything to accomplish that. At first, Violet isn't fond of him, but later they start to become close.

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